The field of medicine is about non-stop research to figure out the right kind of treatment a patient needs. It involves a lot of various forms of studies and treatments which seek to target a more holistic approach than focusing on an individual diagnosis. Integrative medicine, which focuses on a holistic approach, deals with all aspects of the patients, including mind, body, and spirit, through the combination of western and alternative forms of medicine to achieve the optimal level of health. Not sure how to start? Check to set-up a consultation.

Although not all people believe in alternative medicine, it still proves its effectivity through its long-term results for numerous people. Here are the five reasons why you should dive in integrative medicine:

1. Comprehensiveness

As mentioned previously, integrative medicine deals with your overall health and not just focus on a specific diagnosis. It centers on achieving an optimal level of wellness to prevent numerous diseases in the long run. And since it is a combination of alternative and evidence-based medicine, there is a wide range of choices to choose from to determine the most effective method.

2. Holistic Approach

In a typical hospital set-up, physicians focus on the area of their expertise to treat a particular condition. However, there are millions of people who have multiple co-morbidities, meaning, a lot of doctors are needed to treat one person. Moreover, healthcare providers often tap on the essential co-morbidities only such as problems with the heart and kidney, and sometimes forget about the equal importance of psychosocial and behavioral aspects of a person’s health. On the contrary, with integrative medicine, all elements are considered.

3. Early Prevention

Since integrative medicine centers on your overall health, it incorporates preventive measures to achieve your optimal level of wellness. In order to do this, the physician, as well as you, should be fully aware and understand your overall current health status. By gaining a full understanding of your health, you can easily find measures to prevent medical issues from happening.

4. Personalized Care

When it comes to addressing your health problems, you must first determine the root cause of it. This single cause can result in complicated health problems and must be identified and treated the earliest time possible. However, not all individuals are built the same way. This means that the root causes of these problems differ from one person to the other, thus making integrative medicine a personalized care. The primary physician should be able to reveal all the elements that affect a person’s well-being, whether it’s a physiological, psychological, or emotional component.

5. More Solutions

The combination of evidence-based western medicine and safe and effective alternative medicine provides more solutions for the patient’s recovery. Not only does it treat diseases, but it also promotes health and preventive medicine.…