telecare psychotherapy

The functioning of online psychotherapy is no different from that of face-to-face therapy. What matters is the doctor-patient alliance. There are several platforms with registered experts who can help you in such a situation. You might be asking yourself which one is better between betterhelp or talkspace, some of the best platforms to seek psychological counselling.

online counsellingOnline reviews can guide you in choosing the best. The digital revolution has brought about significant changes in the field of psychological counselling, and in particular, online psychotherapy is now a telecare service, in several instances more beneficial than actual contact.

How Online Psychotherapy Works

Online psychotherapy follows the same rules as traditional therapy, with the difference that the therapeutic relationship is accomplished through an internet connection, conveyed by a PC, tablet, or smartphone.

We meet virtually on the day and at the agreed time – exactly as it would happen in the studio – and through the video channel, the interview takes place in total safety and uniqueness of the relationship.

This therapeutic modality adds new aspects to doctor-patient communication,  with the possibility of capturing interesting characteristics, for example, in the room chosen for the interview, the paintings hanging on the wall, the objects that appear in the background, and much more.

In some situations, the online space can be used to start cognitive sessions and subsequently integrate with in-person sessions or be the simplest and most immediate solution to psychological support.

How Effective Is Online Psychotherapy?

online psychotherapyIn most cases, online psychotherapy is a valid alternative to face-to-face therapy, except for some specific clinical conditions due to the severity or type of symptoms. However, the effectiveness of remote therapy is demonstrable in terms of patient satisfaction and the long-term effects it implies. In other words, it depends on how well the therapist can grasp the patient’s inner world and how much he feels understood and recognized.

The elements necessary for psychotherapy to be effective are in fact factors common to all approaches, namely:

  • building an alliance between therapist and patient;
  • empathy;
  • confidence;
  • The shared objectives to work on.

However, online psychotherapy requires some adaptations related to the virtual setting of the meeting: it is important to be skilled in the use of technologies, to have a good internet connection, and to have the availability of a quiet and reserved place away from prying eyes and ears. Take your time to identify the right platforms and choose a registered expert who will take you through this kind of therapy.…