Metabolism includes all the chemical reactions in your body which help keep the body alive. The higher your metabolism, the more calories you burn and the higher your chances of losing weight. High metabolism gives you more energy and makes you feel better. You can improve metabolism with gluconite supplements so that you can lose weight fast.

The metabolism in men and women is different, men burn more calories than women while resting. In most people, metabolism slows after the age of 40. Apart from the factors you can’t control, there are other ways to improve your metabolism.

Drinking Green Tea

Scientific studies suggest that green tea extract plays an important role in promoting fat metabolism. Green tea is a recommended alternative to sugary juices. The tea helps convert the fat stored in the body into free fatty acids, it increases fat burning by 10-17%.

Drinking green tea will not only be good for weight loss but also help maintain weight. According to studies, the metabolism-boosting properties in green tea help prevent the dreaded weight loss plateau that is caused by a decrease in metabolism.

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Regular Exercise

The most effective way to burn calories is aerobic exercise. Try and do at least 150 minutes of aerobic activities such as cycling, walking, and swimming in a week. Target 30 minutes, 5 days a week or 4 days breaking down the activities in chunks of 10 minutes. Be active during the day and make it your daily routine. Incorporate other activities such as walking down and up the stairs and lifting heavy things.

Lifting weights is good for building and retaining muscle. In a study done on 48 overweight women who are placed on a diet of 800 calories per day with no exercise or resistance training. The women who did the resistance training after the diet maintained their muscle mass, strength, and metabolism. Avoid sitting down too much, you burn fewer calories than standing up.

Drinking Enough Water

Water is important for optimal metabolism and helps someone lose weight. Staying hydrated is essential for the body and studies found that one should at least drink 1.5 liters of water in a day. It can reduce the average body mass index and weight.

Studies show that drinking 0.5 liters of water increase the entire metabolism by 10-30% in one hour. The calorie-burning effect is even greater when drinking cold water. This means your body will use emery to heat it to body temperature.

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Get Enough Sleep

Lack of enough sleep is majorly linked to increasing in the risk of obesity. It also causes increased blood sugar levels and insulin resistance which are associated with a high risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Research shows that lack of sleep boosts the hunger hormone ghrelin and decreases the fullness hormone leptin, which in return makes you eat more. Getting enough sleep can help balance the hormones. This is the reason why many people who lack sleep always feel hungry and it’s a struggle to lose weight. The right amount of sleep recommended is 7-8 hours in a night.…

You are may be one of those who expected that when the vaccines will arrive, we will not worry anymore about the virus. But sad to say, things will not go back yet to the usual. We will still have to be on guard even if we are vaccinated. Social distancing, wearing of masks, hand washing, and other safety protocols are not to be done away with. This is because no vaccine will give you 100% protection against the virus.

India is one of the most affected countries with COVID 19. As we are all discouraged to be going to crowded public places, it may be impossible if you don’t have a vehicle of your own. For sure, you are increasing your exposure to the virus with India’s usually jam-packed trains and buses. Buying the best cycle below 10000 is not only cost effective but will be an excellent way to avoid exposure in congested buses and trains.

But what should you consider when buying a bike? The following should not be out of your consideration.


It is always best to try sitting on a bike before buying. This way you will know if it fits you right. The fit matters as it can spell out comfort and safety. Check the standover height. In case you slip from the saddle, you can stand on your feet and not to flip over. Check also the distance from the saddle to the handle bar or the cockpit length. When it is too long, you need to stretch out. When the cockpit length is narrow, it may be tiring to be in a cramped up position. In both cases, you may not be comfortable.


Check on the accessories that you usually need. If you are using the bike to go to the market, then you should be buying one with a bigger basket. Water bottle cages should also never be missed when you are using your bike for long distances. A bike may not all have the accessories that you need. What’s important is to know its compatibility with the accessories you have in mind.


Who would not go around town on a beautiful bike? Be careful not to miss this aspect because, for sure, you will be prouder of your new possession. This way, you will be taking care of it more.


While you can save on cost with a bicycle, it may not be the case of a bike which easily breaks down. Check for protective features which will secure your bike from damages and wear and tear.


Are you going to use for your daily commute or will you just be riding it on the weekend climbing mountains? In every purpose that you have, there is a bike that is right for it, whether for health reasons, recreation activities, or for occupational purposes.

Take your time when looking for the right bike for you. You will not surely be enjoying its benefits to the fullest if you make a mistake.…